You won’t forget about us so easily with new Livechatoo notifications ! :)


A nice new feature about plan prolonging is notification system. Using a few e-mails we notify you that your plan is going to expire and, in addition, we even save you logging into administration.

We know that you are really busy during the working day. Sometimes happens, you have so much work to do, that you simply forget about some tasks. It leads us to improve our notification system and add some useful functions.

1. Notification about plan expiry

This e-mail just informs you, that your plan will expire soon. You have 3 weeks to think about plan for next period, or if you want to have more time to pay the invoice, you can generate proforma invoice yourself in our Administration.

2. Same plan like the last one

If you haven’t generate the invoice yet, we’ll send you one as attachment, 14 days before licence expiration. It’s the same option like last one. You can pay an invoice by bank transfer or using one of the payment gateways linked from proforma. By simple clicking on the logo of gateway you’ll be redirected to its web interface.

3. Notification after signing into Livechatoo interface

7 days before plan expiry date, you’ll see a notification after you sign into Administrator or Operator account. Considering the time that international bank transfer takes, you should hurry up! :)

4. Tax invoice

After receiving your payment, we automatically send you a tax invoice. Thank you for prolonging a licence for next period. Your clients will thank you too :)

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