How to increase sales at your website ?

zvysenie_predaja The last section told you how to use Livechatoo actively on your site. Now we’ll try to offer a few observations from practice so you can increase online sales. It’s important to note that the most central element of good marketability is web traffic. Livechatoo captures customers in a network and keeps them away from the competition. Ten visits a day, frankly, is not going to help you. Suppose you have decent traffic, so what are you going to do next ?

It begins with reaching out

Livechatoo lets you take the first step and start a conversation with a first-time visitor. Learn how to use it effectively! You have to distinguish between random “passersby” and potential clients. Therefore, do not address visitors immediately on the home page, but only after you’ve seen definite activity, e.g. browsing specific products, conditions of sale and the like.

Don’t be one of many!

Try to avoid clichés not used in everyday parlance. Set yourself apart with your customers. Do you give the impression of being a “programmed robot”, yet you’ve put Livechatoo on your website to be closer to your customers, haven’t you? If a customer asks you a simple question, don’t wrap a reply of a few words in a labyrinth of sentences. Nothing is worse than reading a long answer and forgetting what was asked in the first place and what the answer would be.

Magic words: Sale, Marked Down, Free


At an earlier age you learned to use the magic words – thank you, please, help yourself. To succeed in business, you should learn to use properly words such as X% off, special offer, free of charge. If you want to win customers, you have to know how to give them an irresistible offer. The amount and form is up to you and your imagination, though keep the word “free” or “special deal” regularly at the end of your message. Readers respond better when they find this information at the end, the better to engrave it in their memories.

Master the technique

Take advantage of all the opportunities offered by technology, whether it’s Livechatoo or any other resources available to you. E-mail, scan and print just to help your customers. Try sending invoices directly through Livechatoo. It’s faster than e-mail. Read what customers want to write you and prepare responses that greatly streamline communication and the other person’s satisfaction.

Send your smile through your keyboard

smileDo you think emoticons and “smilies” belong only on social networks and in text messages? That hasn’t been true for a long time. Smilies let you loosen the atmosphere in the chat room, so send the other person a little smile. It’s the same whether you’re in direct contact or in the chat room, a smile is a welcome addition to customer service. Before you start using emoticons, you should learn what they mean and be more careful using them than you would with close friends. Not every customer appreciates a tongue stuck out. :)

Be well acquainted with what you offer

It should be obvious that sellers know the details about the products they offer and can answer any questions on them from customers. If you don’t know the answer to a question yourself, ask colleagues, suppliers, or the manufacturer. It’s not just about a customer, but the answer itself may be a future factor because asking about a product means someone’s looking for information about it. Make a note or add it to the product. As they say: “The customer is king.” This was true with brick-and-mortar shops and it’s true in the era of e-commerce. So try to do everything for the benefit of 101% customer satisfaction. There is no better advertising than a good experience and a satisfied customer.

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