Become an affiliate!

partnerDo you program websites, applications and e-shops? Recommend Livechatoo to your customers and be rewarded for it. Want to learn more? We would like to draw your attention to our affiliate program for anyone with the opportunity to reach potential clients in Internet sales.  



What is the affiliate program ?

The entire affiliate program consists of satisfying all directly and indirectly affected parties in the relationship. To be an affiliate means being able to give and take, offer the right people a quality product and spread its reputation both to you and us.

Who gains and what?

You – a creator of websites and e-shops and/or application developer can expand your services to others and build-up a quality product – Livechatoo. You can once again offer your customers something more and be rewarded for it, too.

Your customers – get a quality product that makes your website a success, increasing sales and improving the quality of its services.

Us – the Livechatoo team wins new clients to our portfolio of loyal, satisfied customers.



Would you like to join?

Getting involved in our affiliate program is quite simple. Enter your e-mail address on this page and you will right away get an e-mail with login information and the site where you can log in. The administration account lets you view customer progress, create new registrations, see payments, etc. In a separate section, you will also find ready banners you can embed in your website after copying the HTML code. Ukážka affiliate bannera

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