Interactive chat window opening

Interactive chats You can use interactive chat window according to the site or product where the visitor is currently located. You can adjust the message text, operator’s photo and their displayed name. An example of the use can be found in the article.

Interactive chat windows run manually via API and you can link them to an action on the Web, for example, to onclick. The best way to explain the principle of the functioning is to use an example:

Imagine a situation where the client is located on the page of the product that they are interested in. For the given product they click on some element (e.g. figure “Do you need help with this product?”), and this will open the chat. To begin the chat, use the change in the (‘chat’) status with the second (optional) argument, which is used to set the parameters of interactive chat. The operator will be called in only after the visitor responds to the chat by sending the first message.

Interactive chats are appropriate to provide added value to your clients. Through them, you can offer the clients extra discount or free gift and the like. For each you can enter another message, change the name of the operator to your own and change the picture, for example, to the picture of the product.

Sample code will look as follows:

All interactive chat parameters are optional.

message – a message that appears after opening the chat window. When this parameter is omitted, the initial message of the assigned operator is displayed.

departments, operators – serve to define the ID of departments or ID of operators, to whom the chat may be assigned. Parameters work similarly as for the filters of departments and operators.

department_name, operator_name, operator_photodepartment name, the name of the operator and their picture. If these parameters are omitted, they will be displayed automatically based on the assigned operator. You can use your own values, for example, according to the ongoing action, campaign or product where the customer is located.

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